Đất “vàng” sân golf Phan Thiết được tính giá bèo ra sao?




Former Secretary of Binh Thuan Provincial Party Committee continued that this province has calculated the dirt price for more than 62ha of “golden” land of golf course transformed into Phan Thiet urban tourist urban area (KĐT) due to improper land valuation. International.

“Golden” land is calculated at a low price?

Mr. Dinh Trung (former Secretary of Binh Thuan Provincial Party Committee, who wrote a letter denouncing the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province and Rang Dong Company – the investor of Phan Thiet Urban Area project), said that Phan Thiet golf course is considered a land area. “Gold” of Binh Thuan province, located in the most beautiful location in Phan Thiet city, has two sides bordering Ton Duc Thang – Nguyen Tat Thanh, one side is adjacent to the coast and the other is adjacent to the existing urban area.

In Decision No. 59/2014 / QD-UBND of the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province on December 26, 2014, promulgating the regulation on price list of land types in Binh Thuan province, applied from January 1, 2015 to On December 31, 2019, the land price of Nguyen Tat Thanh street was 11 million VND / m2, the price of Ton Duc Thang road land was 14 million VND / m2 and the price of roadside along the road was 8.4 million VND / m2. According to Mr. Dinh Trung, the above land price decision is based on the Decree of the Government and Provincial People’s Council. But the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province does not apply the land price according to the above decision to calculate the land use fee for Phan Thiet Marine Tourism Area, while all three facades of the project have specific land prices?

Instead, on November 25, 2015, the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province issued Decision No. 3371 / QD-UBND approving specific land prices to calculate land use fees for the area of ​​363,523.6 m2. land use purpose of Phan Thiet Marine Tourism Urban Project. In particular, the land use fee for the area of ​​363,523.6 m2 is 936.8 billion dong, which is only nearly 2.6 million dong / m2.

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Mr. Dinh Trung (on the right) talks to PV Tien Phong about the “irregularities” of Phan Thiet beach tourism project. Photo Phong Phong.

Mr. Dinh Trung said that, just comparing the price of land use fees set by the government on Nguyen Tat Thanh and Ton Duc Thang streets, according to the above two decisions, it is nearly 5 to 6 times higher. “Based on the market price at the time of land allocation, it is nearly 10 times higher due to the fact that the market price of roads around this urban area at the time of land assignment has a land price of between VND 15 – 24 million / m2. . In just one year, the investor has just built infrastructure and subdivision, sold the ground, the lowest project land price is 20 million VND / m2, the highest price is nearly 40 million VND / m2. Currently, the price of land in this urban area is even higher, ”Mr. Dinh Trung said.

But in a report to the Prime Minister in June 2019, the Government Inspectorate (TTCP) commented on Mr. Trung Trung’s complaint: “Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee determined the land price as a basis for collecting history. Inaccurate land use and risk of damage to the State budget ”is partly grounded?

Land valuation is not realistic?

Regarding the land valuation of the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province in the project of Phan Thiet beach tourism area, in the Report of the Prime Minister, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Binh Thuan Province has assigned the Department of Land Management of Binh Thuan Province to sign a contract. Valuation consultant with Southern Information and Valuation Joint Stock Company (Land valuation consultant).

Accordingly, the land valuation consultant applies the surplus method to determine the land price; estimate the revenues and expenses made each year and discount the present value at the time of land valuation to calculate the specific land price as prescribed in Clause 4, Article 6 of Circular No. 36 / 2014 / TT-BTNMT dated June 30, 2014 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, detailing methods of land pricing, construction and adjustment of land price list; Specific land valuation and consultancy to determine land prices. According to the surplus method, the estimated total development cost estimated at the time of land valuation is VND 1,892 billion (of which the cost of infrastructure construction is VND 1,278.5 billion), estimated total revenue of land development. converted to the present time is 2,828.7 billion. The total amount of land use money that investors have to pay to the state budget is 936.8 billion dong.

How to play golf must be known by experts
How to play golf must be known by experts
Mr. Dinh Trung said that the calculation of land prices at Phan Thiet beach tourism business is not realistic.

According to Mr. Dinh Trung, how to calculate the land use fee according to the “surplus method” needs to review whether the application is suitable for this project or not? “Circular 36 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment guides the surplus method, investors invest capital to build infrastructure on land allocated by the State for sale, or for lease, rather than technical infrastructure construction. then sell the plot. Because in fact, the current project owner is mainly selling plots of plots, ”Mr. Trung analyzed.

Former Secretary of Binh Thuan Provincial Party Committee said that it is necessary to review the discount rate to the present value, at the time of land valuation. Because this discount rate is not correct, leading to an estimated total revenue growth is not 2828.7 billion, but that number is much higher.

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“Golden” land in the urban tourism area Phan Thiet is calculated by dirt

Mr. Trung said: “Subtract the total development cost (from the present time) from the total development revenue estimate, and the remaining is the total land use value of the golden land area and the land use cost. land of nearly 2.6 million dong / m2 is not acceptable. The nature of budget revenue losses is due to incorrect pricing of land use levies, not waiting for investors to complete the works, have audits and finalize infrastructure construction investment costs. floor ”.

Therefore, according to Mr. Trung, for Phan Thiet beach tourism project, if the cost is lower than VND 1,693.6 billion, the investor commits to pay the difference to the State budget, but this is the expenditure. The fees are set by the investors themselves, and have not been appraised by competent organizations according to the provisions of the Construction Law, which are contrary to the provisions of law.

Government Inspectorate is doing so can not answer?

When PV Tien Phong proposed to arrange time to work related to the accusation of former Secretary of Binh Thuan Provincial Party Committee about there are many “irregularities” in converting Phan Thiet golf course into an urban area, including the Secret The provincial Secretary and Chairman of Binh Thuan People’s Committee said that the Government Inspectorate is working on it, so he could not answer? “This incident has been concluded by the Government Inspectorate and is continuing to assign the Government Inspectorate under the direction of the Standing Deputy Prime Minister. I or the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Committee cannot work or provide information related to the settlement of complaints, ”said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hai – Chairman of Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee.