Hướng dẫn vận dụng phong thủy để kích hoạt tài lộc




Land with good fortune, good people. Capturing the heavenly atmosphere every year means taking advantage of the goodness of heaven and earth to increase your fortune, health, and happiness to help you succeed in life, as well as on the business road.

Nature always gives us both good and bad things. Therefore, we must know how to take advantage, use, activate in the right place and the right ways to do good things to increase our wealth and manufacture, and to counter those less fortunate assassins.

Every year, with the operation of nature and the universe, there will be a change of qi energy and there will also be good and bad places, places that bring wealth, fame and fame and places that bring diseases, market, costly consumption, the obstacles that are in love. Utilizing this heavenly air to harmonize with nature and the universe is the root to stimulate wealth.

Phi Tinh Canh Ty year 2020 – Van 8 Ha Nguyen

The Year of the Rat 2020 is located in the Lower Nguyen of Van 8 That Chich Trung Trung.

The Red Chains are the stars that have lost their five elements in Kim’s Central Palace during the year. Sao That Xich is the God of War, in coordination with the spirit of Mau Ky to 2020, hosting a year of many financial and monetary events, the movement of capital sources affecting the macro economy. Financial and securities industries will have many fluctuations, especially the rare metal market.

That Xich is also the star of war and fire, so in 2020 there will be many fluctuations due to the central gas in the Earth. If the parties restrain and balance, they can be kept, otherwise the consequences are immeasurable.

In the Year of the Rat, 2020, That Xich of Kim is Yin Kim related to chemicals, so careful care of poisoning, air pollution, environmental pollution, water sources are also issues to be noted this year. Out on the street use a mask to pay attention to diseases related to the lungs or throat, avoid hygiene infections (gargle physiological saline) daily.

The Central Palace part needs to be kept clean, trash cans, disturbing objects, old tablecloths need to be removed, the atmosphere of the Palace is unstable, which can easily affect the family harmony when there is a related issue. When going to the market or financially, you need to patiently listen and find solutions, to avoid affecting the family harmony. Avoid turning on loud sounds indoors.

Cat hung transporting 8 directions

In the year of Rat, 2020, there will be Canh – Kim, Chi – Thuy geography, and the Earth year of Earth. The south, west prosperous Long, abundant fortune. In particular, families doing business or having companies in the south or west, this year will be a big harvest year. Children learn and develop, especially with business, human resources, military, police and finance.

This year is also a favorable year for raising wives and husbands, peach flowers bloom more nails. Note the story of non-jealousy.

Houses in the South of Thin (Southeast) have tall houses, water tanks, ponds or junctions, intersections should be aware of disaster related to moving. When traveling, easy to encounter accidents, waste of money.

Western-oriented houses in the West (Southwest) have tall buildings, water tanks, ponds, roads or junctions, note intersection to prevent non-urbanism, restless position, and family discord.

Nguyen Song Ha (Real Estate Investment Newspaper)