Làm đường nhưng không nộp tiền góp vốn, 3 doanh nghiệp bị nhắc nhở




The project of 3km long road construction has been completed and put into use for a long time but until now has not been paid and settled. The reason is that 3 enterprises did not fulfill their capital obligations as committed.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Office has just announced the urgent conclusion of Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee Vo Van Hoan at the meeting on the settlement of the project to build the extended Chanh Hung road, Binh Chanh district – Nha Be district.

The project to build the extended Chanh Hung road, Binh Chanh district – Nha Be district has been completed for a long time but has not been paid and settled according to regulations, affecting the management and operation of the State related to financial and budgetary issues.

According to Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, the delay and prolongation of the settlement of this project is due to enterprises not fulfilling their committed capital contribution obligations.

Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee asked the general director, the chairman of the board of three businesses, namely: Dai Phuc Housing Construction and Trading Company Limited (now known as Dai Phuc Housing Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company) ), Saigon Infrastructure Development JSC and Housing Business Investment Joint Stock Company (Intresco Company), urgently pay the committed amount for the rest before June 15, 2020.

do not pay money to contribute to 3 small businesses
The extended Chanh Hung route is the main road passing through the project of 3 enterprises that “forgot” to contribute money to build the road.

The City People’s Committee assigned the Department of Transport to preside over and coordinate with relevant departments to invite the leaders of the three enterprises mentioned above to direct the content of the direction and request businesses to contribute sufficiently. In addition, businesses must comply with the law on tax-related content.

According to the research, the construction project of the extended Chanh Hung road was started in late 2004. The route has a length of about 3 km, connecting Binh Chanh district and Nha Be district with an initial investment of about 27.5 billion VND. However, after that, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee decided to adjust the project scale and increase the investment to more than VND 200.7 billion, of which construction and installation capital was VND 106.1 billion.

The reason why the team project investment is 8 times higher is due to the change in the size of the project. Specifically, the bridge length of 123m increased to 222m, the width of the road from 12m to 40m with 4 lanes of cars, installed sewers instead of natural drainage, the area of ​​compensation and clearance increased from 119,800m2 to 42,000m2 …

The last time Chanh Hung extended was repaired at the end of June 2018. The repaired road is from Nguyen Van Linh to Km1 + 00, invested by Urban Transport Management Zone No. 4.

The extended Chanh Hung road is also known as Pham Hung street, from Binh Chanh district to Nha Be district. This is the main road through 3 real estate projects, that is Dai Phuc Green Villas residential project invested by Dai Phuc Housing Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company; the T30 Residential project of Saigon Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company and the Intresco 6B Residential Project invested by Intresco.