Nhà thuê TP.HCM giảm giá 2-3 triệu đồng/tháng




Owners and rental room owners are applying many discounts up to 25% to retain old tenants and find new tenants.

Not being directly and heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, such as townhouses, owners of apartments for rent, serviced apartments or inns are offering measures to subsidize customers in difficult times. towel.

Rent reduction

Dang Thuy (30 years old) and 2 friends are renting a 3-bedroom apartment in Co Giang ward, district 1 for VND 15 million / month. All three are employees of a financial analysis company and receive a 10% pay cut for the disease.

Income is greatly affected by the reduced workload, in addition to a fixed salary cut, Ms. Thuy and her friends are forced to ask for rental assistance from the landlord.

“When we asked to reduce the rent from May, the landlord fully sympathized and agreed to reduce 3 million / month until July. Besides, the landlord also supports an additional management fee of the apartment. about 600,000 VND / month so we can rest assured renting and do not end the contract before the term “, Ms. Thuy shared.

Similarly, Thu (40 years old) has been looking for tenants for a 2-bedroom apartment in District 1 for nearly 2 months. According to the regional price, her house is priced at 16-17 million VND / month, however, she currently only leases 15 million VND / month and said she is willing to negotiate for goodwill guests.

nha thue tphcm gia gia 2 3 million million dngthang
A fully furnished 2-bedroom apartment in the center of Ho Chi Minh City has an average rental price of VND 15-20 million / month depending on the area and location. Photo: TL.

“My family wanted to move to a new house, so they have contacted brokers to find tenants for more than a month, but due to the difficult situation, not many people asked. Previously, this area had almost no price of VND 15 million / month for a similar apartment. Recently, a guest asked to rent for 12 million VND / month, quite low, but my husband and I are considering because this person has a long-term lease intention, “Thu added.

According to her calculations, the price of 12 million VND / month is equivalent to a reduction of up to 20% of the rent compared to the original plan, if the customer signs a 1-year contract, it will save up to 36 million.

The representative of Cho Tot Nha said that the average rent in Ho Chi Minh City in April and May decreased by 25%. Many landlords discount rent from VND 1-3 million / month.

Demand for rent increased again

As noted by this unit, the real estate situation for rent is gradually more active. The data show that the market in May has been the busiest since the beginning of the year so far because the majority of students, students, workers and office workers have started to return to study and work after the break. fairly long.

Nearly half of these users are looking for houses and apartments for rent with prices ranging from VND 5-10 million per month. About 20% of users are willing to pay over VND 10 million / month for an apartment to have a stable and long-term accommodation. Meanwhile, the demand for rooms for rent is mostly searched for under 3 million VND / month.

nha thue tphcm gia gia 2 3 million million dngthang
Demand for rent in May in Ho Chi Minh City is the highest since the beginning of the year. Photo: PV.

Mr. Le Hung (25 years old), a software development employee at a technology company, said he was quite lucky when his income remained stable in the difficult economy. On the occasion of returning to Ho Chi Minh City, he rented a serviced apartment with better quality than expected at a good price in Ward 22, Binh Thanh District.

“This time I still look for a house with a budget of 6 million VND / month, but the broker offers better options, mainly thanks to the landlords who are offering incentive programs. My new studio The initial rent was VND 8.5 million / month, each rented to foreign guests, but due to Covid-19, this guest checked out to return home, the landlord discounted, “Mr. Hung added.

Affirming the landlords, serviced apartments, rented rooms are on a sharp downward trend, Ms. Anh (24 years old), a rental broker in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, said the landlords are all don’t want to leave the room for too long just because the price is too high.

Besides, unlike retail space, rental housing is always in great demand even in the epidemic, just reasonable rents, tenants are willing to sign long-term contracts, ensuring a fixed income. for the host.