Ông lớn BĐS nào đang tạo điểm sáng thị trường Đà Nẵng?




Real estate market in many provinces started to recover in Q2 / 2020 thanks to the control of Covid-19 epidemic. In particular, Da Nang is a prominent locality thanks to its advantages in infrastructure, development of supply and demand …

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Growth advantage of Danang market

Also a province affected by Covid-19, Da Nang has recorded real estate prices hit many places near the bottom. However, from the beginning of May until now, investors here have started to shift capital flows by looking for quality, affordable supplies. In crowded residential areas, developed infrastructure, real estate transactions have returned, especially the land plot segment.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Lap – Director of Real Estate Research and Training Institute said that Da Nang is a dynamic city, developed tourism, accompanied by high quality of life, so it welcomes people to come and work here every year. collective, investment, business is quite high. Previously, the Da Nang market was often blasted because of the trend of sea real estate to the throne, now the price is more affordable and reasonable. Therefore, this is a good time to buy real estate. Real estate in Da Nang is expected to recover soon after the outbreak.

Sharing more about the current land price, Mr. Truong Dinh Duc – Head of the Office of the Vietnam Association of Private Entrepreneurs in the Central region said: Da Nang has just issued a list of land prices in the area in 2020 – 2024, effective from 5/5/2020. Accordingly, residential land prices are kept stable and reduced by 5% of commercial land prices – services, land for production – non-agricultural business, creating favorable conditions to attract investment and restore the economy.

“Existing policies are meant to support investors and clients very well, such as reducing taxes, extending tax payment and land rent to businesses affected by Covid-19. In particular, the 250,000 billion credit package to improve the access to loans of customers “- according to Mr. Su Ngoc Khuong – Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Informatics and Applied Sciences.

Besides the attraction from land prices, Da Nang also owns the advantage of heavily invested infrastructure. The city deployed Lien Chieu port to reduce the load on Tien Sa port and connect the cargo transport route more efficiently with National Highway 1A, the Da Nang – Quang Ngai highway, the East-West economic corridor and the railway. future national high-speed rail line; promote relocation of railway stations and urban rail routes from Danang International Airport to Hoi An.

Recognizing the fact that it is easy to see, Northwestern Danang is an area with a high concentration of traffic projects. For example, the bridge crosses the bypass route south of Hai Van – Tuy Loan tunnel (invested by Trung Nam Land with enterprise capital), Lien Chieu Port, Kim Lien Cargo Station, La Son – Tuy Loan Expressway, Lang Dai. Study, Nguyen Tat Thanh route extends into the Golden Hills project, Danang High-Tech Park, Information Technology Park …

If any of you are trying to make an exam, then go to the market
The bridge crosses the bypass road to the South of Hai Van – Tuy Loan tunnel

KITA Group’s potential

KITA Land (belonging to KITA Group) is a developer of the Golden Hills project.

Golden Hills is a project with clean legal, methodical planning that is attracting real estate capital. On April 23, Da Nang People’s Committee agreed upon the proposal of Department of Natural Resources & Environment to permit over 300 LURCs according to the detailed construction plan of 1/500 scale for Trung Nam Joint Stock Company (Trungnam Group). ) – Investor of Golden Hills Ecological Urban Area project.

Accordingly, the project has been allowed to separate more than 300 LURCs and KITA Land project developer has handed over the field to many customers since the end of April 2020. In the current handover phase, 132 land parcels were handed over to eligible customers. By mid-May 20/20, nearly 50 products have completed handover procedures.

If any of you are trying to make an exam, then go to the market
The customer receives field handover at Golden Hills Da Nang

Before that, the fact that some customers still had not been handed over on time due to the review and processing of records of state agencies was delayed compared to the initial commitment that the investor expected. Responding to this issue, the representative of the investor said: “Trung Nam is finally resolving legal procedures, the project will proceed with the chain of product delivery as committed. Accordingly, customers who are eligible to hand over will receive the handover starting from April 2020. The investor is committed to ensuring the handover schedule ”.

KITA Land’s developer has also shown goodwill to the market, clearly announcing the unintended problem to the customer. At the same time, the company offers support policies for customers. Customers have had a consensus, supporting businesses to overcome these problems.

According to a representative of KITA Land, the project has completed the clearance procedures and completed the infrastructure items in the project as prescribed. In particular, the items of storm water drainage system, waste water, electricity, light poles have been completed. The system of bundles, sidewalks, roads, and water is speeding up the completion.

Regarding the progress of external infrastructure, Mr. Nguyen Tam Thinh, Chairman of Trung Nam Group’s Board of Directors, said: The company has sent many documents to Da Nang city authorities and related agencies for investment in construction of flyovers. through the bypass route south of Hai Van – Tuy Loan tunnel equal to 100% of the enterprise’s capital.

On the afternoon of April 14, a representative of Da Nang Department of Construction said that the unit had just issued a dispatch on supplementing the planning of the bridge to bypass the southern bypass of Hai Van – Tuy Loan. At the same time, the Department also agreed upon the proposal of Trung Nam Land (belonging to Trung Nam Group) on the investment capital to build a bridge to bypass the bypass road south of Hai Van – Tuy Loan to connect D and E areas. under Golden Hills City project.

Q2 / 2020 is an attractive time for investors to catch the bottom of the market and benefit from value growth after the market recovers. Projects of legal, progress and good quality are the potential choices.

Ms. Dang Thi Thuy Trang (CEO of KITA Group) shared: “Project developer of KITA Group is committed to making every effort to bring quality, safe and timely products to customers to meet create a better life ”.

KITA Group owns a series of projects stretching from North to South. Including a number of notable high-end apartment projects such as Stella Project 1595 (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City); Stella 927 Project (District 5, Ho Chi Minh City); Stella Quoc Oai Project (Hanoi) … Businesses are always working with the mission to provide the market with transparent legal real estate products, clean, comfortable, modern and quality living environment for customers. .