“Ông lớn” xây dựng chuyển nhượng dự án khi chưa được chính quyền chấp thuận




The State Audit Office of Saigon Construction Corporation transferred the project to be formed in the future without the approval of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee.

He is confident that he will be safe when he is not authorized by the government
Saigon Construction Corporation has transferred the project formed in the future without the approval of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee at: 79B Ly Thuong Kiet Street and 1300 Kha Van Can Street.

A recent report of the State Audit Office of 2019 has pointed out some inadequacies in land management and use in many state-owned enterprises.

Specifically, according to the report, there are some cases of improper use of land. Among them, there is Construction and Industrial Production Joint Stock Company with 0.34 ha; Dong Nai Agricultural and Animal Products Joint Stock Company with 0.51 ha; Bien Hoa Import and Export Company with 0.82 ha; Petroleum Company Region I is 1.99 hectares; Hanoi Zoo One Member Limited Company 0.29 ha; Thong Nhat Park Company Limited 0.2 ha.

In addition, Hanoi Agricultural Investment and Development Co., Ltd. also uses the land for the wrong purpose with 3.27 ha, of which 2,927 m2 built houses for sale without a decision on land allocation and certificate. receive land use rights, have not changed the purpose of land use.

This enterprise uses 5,644m2 of public utility land in Dong Da Lake Peninsula, O Cho Dua ward, Dong Da district, Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi for restaurant business.

The audit agency also pointed out the inadequacies of the situation of encroachment and dispute in some enterprises such as Hanoi Investment and Agricultural Development One Member Company Limited 1.26 ha; Saigon Industry Corporation 0.04 ha; Parent company – Saigontourist 0.02 ha; Petrolimex 0.36 ha.

Some enterprises have been named when they have not yet fulfilled their obligations to the State budget, through audits, determining the land rent and the additional payable land use tax, such as ACV 63.88 billion; VNA 25.67 billion; Saigontourist 25.6 billion; Vicem 8.13 billion; Sonadezi 5.92 billion; VRG 4 billion; Vinachem 3.08 billion; TKV: 2.98 billion …

Also according to the report of the audit agency, Saigon Construction Corporation transferred the project formed in the future without the approval of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City at 79B Ly Thuong Kiet Street and 1300 Kha Van Street. Scales.

In addition, the Parent Company – Saigon Construction Corporation was also named by the State Audit when not reflecting on the business results of the enterprise but transferred to the union fund 12.2 billion dong from operating income. for rent.

Also according to the State Audit’s report, there are still many units with a lot of unused land. Including Vinacomin is Duong Huy Coal Company 1.15 ha, Dak Nong Aluminum Company 0.58 ha, Vang Danh Coal Joint Stock Company – Vinacomin 1.75 ha; Parent company – VNA 1.03 ha; Saigon Industry Corporation 2.81 ha; at Petrolimex: Northern Tay Nguyen Petroleum Company Limited 3.42 ha, Thua Thien Hue Petroleum Company 2.51 ha, Petroleum Region II Company is 0.05 ha …