Tư vấn thiết kế kiến trúc nhà ở theo phong thủy và theo tuổi




Based on the standard grammar plan into the land, we can know which is prosperous and which is inferior. Choose the location of the main door, the location of the kitchen.

Choose the main door according to Feng Shui has 3 positions: located in the middle of the facade called the main subject; located to the left of the word and look out called the subject; located on the right from the inside overlooks the subject Not just being on Dragon’s side is better than Bach Ho.

With the needs of utility functions on the first floor for many purposes: in the immediate future, there is a living room, it is possible to leave the car indoors when needed, or to rent or self-operate, so it has to open 2 doors, 1 door is wide. The main entrance is for cars, one side door to separate them from the business space and the door to lead the motorbike into and out of the house.

See feng shui comprehensive view according to the school of feng shui, the kitchen is located in Luc Sat palace and has a view towards Sinh Gas. Many people believe that it is not good for the cook to turn away from the door for many reasons, but when watching feng shui for the kitchen, the kitchen is the subject and the person. So the position and direction of a good kitchen according to feng shui is important, because the time to cook at the kitchen is very small, but at the same time cooking does not stand a place, so it does not count the direction of the person.

Also, the altar usually puts the front of the altar and the age of the owner is the best. The worshiper, not necessarily standing straight to the altar, may stand to one side and turn slightly diagonally. As such, will not turn away from the door.

Many people believe that, before the altar is not allowed to open doors, this is unreasonable spiritual and feng shui. We see, from temples and churches or to five-storey houses in the countryside, always put the altar in the middle and straight to the front door.

When choosing a bed position for the members, it is not simply placed to suit the feng shui feng shui, ie in 8 directions, but also to be good according to 24 paints and 72 long. Moreover, the four-pillars of the couple and members must be solved, in order to choose good bed positions for each person.

Thus, this house chose the altar to place the altar and the bed of his wife. It is not only chosen here according to each school of octahedron, but also must be calculated according to the Loan, Huyen Non Phi Tinh and the Four Pillars …

Step 4: Draw the home design options

If good and bad areas cannot be identified, specify architectural functions. Or some houses, when they meet the architect, design the house and then meet the feng shui master. Sometimes the entire function of the house will have to be changed and the drawing left unused.

So before designing, must be assigned exactly in 8 directions and 9 bows, then the altar, the kitchen, the bed will be placed in the palace and returned. Since then, the design of the new floor plans has not been changed.

However, when designing the plans, there is not only one plan but many options as follows (Figure 2, Figure 3):

photo 2
photo 3

In the two first floor alternatives above, the stairs and elevators swapped, having found the architectural space on the first floor to have very different senses. Option 2 is option 2, with stairs outside to create a sense of openness and better interior decoration than plan 1.

The remaining two bedrooms for the children and have a common toilet, choose the bed for the children according to feng shui is to solve for the four pillars to choose, not each direction in the bowl.

In order to choose the architectural plan of the floors according to the soil model and according to feng shui, the architect has also come up with many different functional solutions. However, this is not interpreted, because it will confuse people.

After reaching the function of the main floors, good according to feng shui and architectural assurance. At this time, talk to the investor. To adjust the size of the bedroom, toilet, width and number of stairs.

Since then the new design on the 3rd floor, with a church room, drying yard, and then give solutions for house and foundation structure. Depending on the type of foundation solution will affect feng shui position of septic tanks and water tanks. If the house is made of nails, the foot of the nail will spread, so the septic tank and water tank cannot be placed close to the wall. If the nail house presses concrete piles, it is possible to adjust and move the foundation to ensure good septic tank and water tank locations. However, note that the garage inside the vehicle area can not place the tank, as this will cause cracking.

For further analysis of feng shui and architecture, in the following article, experts will shed more light on the issues.