Vì sao có chuyện “giá bồi thường đất thấp, giá bán nhà cao”?




(Construction) – Before news of the project at The Matrix One (Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) the compensation price support when land acquisition is much lower than the price of businesses selling houses and land to the market, the South Tu Liem district (Hanoi) has voiced feedback.

even if you have the matrix one, why is the expert negotiating with the Spanish market?
The Matrix One project is under construction.

Compensation, support in accordance with regulations

Specifically, recently, at The Matrix One project in Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi, there was information that reflected the price of compensation and support for land acquisition of only 1.5 million VND / m2, while the price selling apartments at the project is nearly 50 million / m2. So real damage this problem like?

Through learning, the Matrix One project was assigned by the Hanoi City to Mai Linh Joint Stock Company as an investor. The project is implemented by the state land acquisition method, assigned to investors for implementation with an area of ​​about 230,000 m2 of 785 households and 4 organizations, of which land is mainly in Me Tri ward (207,000 m2 ), the rest are in Phu Do ward (over 23,000 m2), in Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi.

The project was issued Decision No. 1208 / QD-UBND by Hanoi People’s Committee on February 20, 2017 on the investment policy with the content of building an amusement park, school and commercial and service housing complex. Golden Palace A. Currently, the investor has been constructing the project with full legal basis in accordance with the law.

The director of the Nam Tu Liem Land Fund Development Center said that for this project, the investor has strictly fulfilled the obligations to the state. Currently, 93% of the land has been recovered, most of the households have handed over land to the project, leaving only 38 households who have approved compensation, support but have not received money yet.

Regarding the complaints, the request for an increase in the compensation price for land is due to the low compensation price while the investor sells the house at the aforementioned high price, Mr. Nguyen Tien Hung – Director of Nam Tu District Land Fund Development Center. Liem said that the project has implemented land acquisition, compensation and support in accordance with current law.

Regarding the settlement of letters and complaints of households whose land was recovered within the project scope, Mr. Hung said that all were fully resolved. In some specific cases, most recently, the Hanoi City Inspectorate resolved and issued a notice of not accepting the application file because it responded fully according to its authority.

“Deliberately failing to hand over the land will be coerced”

According to the representative of Nam Tu Liem district, out of 38 households (out of 785 households and individuals whose land has been acquired) so far without compensation, 16 households have been allocated with land. Through the process of advocacy and propaganda, 1 household received, and 15 households. For households who have not received compensation, according to the Nam Tu Liem District People’s Committee, the majority are related to the construction on the land, identifying the origin of the land as well as buying, selling, transferring … Compensation and compensation are close to the market price, while this is a 100% land acquisition project.

“Compensation and support for land acquisition must follow the regulations of the State and the city. Regarding the process, the steps are implemented, we and the investor must ensure to do it correctly, and there are opinions comparing the price difference or requesting more benefits because they do not fully understand the problem ”, Mr. Hung said.

“Here, the households want to follow the form of an agreement, not the State’s regulations on land acquisition. We have campaigned and explained many times but they have not cooperated ”- Mr. Le Anh Tuan, officer of Nam Tu Liem Land Fund Development Center said.

Specifically, in the process of making plans for compensation and support for land acquisition, Nam Tu Liem district conducted a market price survey and did not record any changes, so the district issued a specific land price in accordance with regulations. of Hanoi People’s Committee.

Regarding the handling of the above cases, the leader of Nam Tu Liem Land Fund Development Center said that the district’s point is to make the best use of policies to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the people. However, Mr. Hung also noted, this is a project where the compensation price must be in accordance with the provisions of the Government because this is a State project of land acquisition.

Considering that the comparison of compensation and support prices with apartments is not appropriate, a real estate expert said, to get products, investors must first pay land use fees for the project. judgment. Next, it is necessary to invest in technical and social infrastructure systems such as schools, kindergartens, parks, roads … within the project. Then there is the obligation to develop social housing, paying an additional 20% of the land price as prescribed.

Besides, to sell apartments, there are many other costs such as design, construction, management costs, loan interest … to form a new product for sale. The area that can be built for sale also receives very little because it has to make room for the construction of infrastructure systems, roads, social works …

“It is normal for investors to sell tens of millions of square meters / m2, based on their investment rates and market demand. The nature here is that investors advance capital to organize the implementation of project clearance and do not calculate interest, ”Mr. Hung said.

According to Mr. Le Anh Tuan – Officer of Nam Tu Liem Land Development Center, at the beginning of the project, more than ½ did not comply with the declaration and investigate the status quo. After many times of mobilization and persuasion, there are currently 16 households not obeying. The County has issued a decision to enforce tally to have a basis for compensation and support.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Tien Hung said that recently, the project’s Compensation, support, and resettlement council met and the view is that after screening and reporting to the city, if the households still do not agreeing to receive compensation money, the district will proceed with coercion, ensuring 100% full handover for investors.

Regarding The Matrix One project, up to May 13, 2020, Nam Tu Liem District People’s Committee issued 803 decisions to approve compensation and support options for 4 organizations and 785 households and individuals. .

Up to now, Nam Tu Liem District Land Fund Development Center has paid compensation, support and receiving land, completed site clearance for 4 organizations and 746 households and individuals. .